Who is Fake Stephen Conroy? Full list of Suspects.

This week the “REAL” Politician, Senator Stephen Conroy acknowledged the “FAKE” Stephen Conroy (http://twitter.com/stephenconroy) via (article on SMH) as “healthy satire” so we thought we would start the cheeky hunt for the person behind the mask. We don’t really want the person ‘outed’ per se as it’s much more fun not knowing, but below is the list of 25 suspects to date:

image Name: Fake Stephen Conroy
Location: Canberra
Bio: I’m a 45 year old politician who’ll do anything to please you, baby. Don’t worry girl, I gots “protection”, and it’ll degrade my performance all night

Firstly, let us pay homage to the Fake Stephen (FSC). He’s actually pretty funny, satirical and most agree that the character is very well written. So… who’s doing the writing? We suspect it’s someone who’s already active on Twitter already – ie; they have two accounts running. At time of posting FSC is only following 69 people so we suspect that the guilty person may be linked to many of these in some way. We trawled various stats, engines and monitored conversations as well as looking through the #nocleanfeed list to come up with the following suspects… 

Update : Although we did discover the real identity of Fake Stephen Conroy during the compilation of the list, we did not include him in there. Unfortunatley the attention appears to have forced his hand  and in fact FSC outed himself a few days ago as Leslie Nasser from Telstra (http://www.linkedin.com/in/leslienassar)

The Suspects behind FST (Fake Stephen Conroy):

  Suspect Modus Operandi Suspect Rating
1 image DuncanRiley
Tipsters think that Duncan is a hot candidate for FSC. That cheeky smile which looks almost identical to FSC’s may hold the key.
2 image[99]  Warlach
A serious suspect, Warlach has been around long enough to know the tricks. Known to have created fake twitter accts in the past. Is FSC his creation?
3 FullTimeCasual
A new entry on the list but a red hot suspect. His suspicious lack of a photo in his twitter avatar may mean he can slip into the darkness easily if found guilty.
4 image DHughesy
We have been informed that this infamous Aussie comedian may be practicing using FSC for some cool new comedy about Twitter. We suspect FSC’s words are too big for Hughsey, but he still makes the list.
5 image[95] BarrySaunders
Normally gets highly involved in twitter conversations but not with FSC. Makes him look like a real suspect in this case.
6 image[101]  Servantofchaos
Respected blogger and Tweeter, possesses a similar sense of humour to FSC. A prime suspect.
7 image TrevorYoung
FSC insiders say suspect is based in Melbourne. Trevor Young’s writing skills certainly fit the bill as a PR WARRIOR…
8 image[106]  Mspecht
Definite candidate for the job and big nocleanfeed enthusiast. No twitter history with FSC makes him a suspect.
9 image[114]  Turnbullmalcolm
What better way to oust the current government than being the mastermind of the FSC twitter account? Must be a suspect.
10 image Wolfcat
Should have been in the list earlier – has been active on Twitter for a while and knows the tricks.
image[115]  cameronreilly
Top 5 Tweeters according to Grader.com, long history in the interwebs and definitely would have no fear of being FSC.
image[76] JonoH
First person who FSC followed. Must be a prime suspect.
image[107]  Jimboot
One of the more active people in ‘nocleanfeed’ a hot tip to be FSC.
  image renailemay
The only published interview with FSC was conducted by the Editor of ZDNet.com.au. This makes him an instant suspect. Is this man the Peter Parker of Twitter? Hmm…
image_thumb[26] Silkcharm
She has her mitts in everything else social so makes the list by default. Very few msgs to FSC makes her a prime suspect.
image[107]  Jimboot
One of the more active people in ‘nocleanfeed’ a hot tip to be FSC.
image[109]  Trib
With a mass of followers and outspoken character, he’s conveniently located in Canberra. Is he the real FSC?
image[106]  Mspecht
Definite candidate for the job and big nocleanfeed enthusiast. No twitter history with FSC makes him a suspect.
image[127] JJprojects
With 3000+ followers, a twitter junkie, nocleanfilter advocate put JJ high on the suspect list.
image[113]  Nickhodge
Microsoft’s local pin up Twitter Star has a dry earthy wit similar to FSC. Talks to FSC a lot, but could this be a cover?
image[111]  andrew303
Known to have more than one twitter account, is Australia’s most followed person on Twitter the guilty party?
image[96] Stephen Conroy (the real one)
The perfect double bluff?
You see… he’s not on Twitter, …or is he?
image[108]  Bronwen
Describes herself as combatant, maybe FSC is Bronwen’s side project. No contact with FSC to date – is this an alibi or evidence?
image_thumb[18]  Aramadge
News.com.au reporter that may see FSC as an interesting side project for a forthcoming story.
image[86] Granleese
First person to respond to my request for information and leads about FSC. Makes him an instant suspect.
image[112]  Mpesce
One of the last remaining people with a cross on their avatar’s mouth, is this inventor the real inventor FSC?
image_thumb[21] Mumbrella
Journo Tim Burrowes loves controversy so why not create it himself? Perfect motive with timing similar to launch of his mumbrella blog. Did FSC attract a few extra visitors?
image[97]  Acatinatree
Filmmaker. Active, lots of followers. Has a sense of humour. FSC might just be a side project for her…?
image[100]  markpollard
Strategist, highly active in Twitter, His no fear cheeky sense of humour puts him on the list.
image[105] KevinRuddPM
He doesn’t use his own Twitter account too much – possibly because he’s so busy running the FSC twitter account.
image[110]  eunmac
As the author of this post, this could just be a diversionary tactic. Maybe I am FSC, or maybe not? Hmmm.
image[119] OzDJ
Came up as the first suspect when I used a Twitter tool to find similar people to FSC.
image[91]  Eskimo Sparky
Husband, Father, Political impersonator? Is an instigator of prior twitter crimes such as Velociroflcoptersaurus.
image_thumb[20] Stilgherrian
Political, outspoken, but would he send so many tweets to FSC?
image[98]  Likeomg
Social Media Advisor at Amnesia and copywriter. Would certainly possess the skills but may be too occupied by other things.
  image JoelyRighteous
Has not been posting much recently. Possibly to distracted by his FSC account?
  image Davidlmorris
Very quick to dismiss some of the suspects on the list. Is this the real FSC revealing himself inadvertently?
  image LesleyWhite
Conveniently “wishing” she was on the list may make her an outside possibility.
image[131] Julian Cole
He manages to get his name on every other list so may as well stick him in this one just in case he is FSC…
image[123] DanWarne
Another journalist for the SMH active on Twitter. Pops up on FSC’s follower list too. Is he just interested , or IS IT HIM?
image SpellrUs
Claims he should be a suspect. Always struck me as being too much of a nice guy, but you then again, those are the ones you have to watch…
image_thumb[19] ProBlogger
Too busy tweeting tips to be a real suspect, but may be a dark horse in the matter.
  image InJoke
There is no chance that InJoke is the real FSC, but they felt that it would help them with the ladies if they made the list. OK good luck with that…

Breaking Update:
Suspects were seen changing their avatars to that of Stephen Conroy’s – presumably to protect their real identity.

Above: View in Tweetdeck as some of the accused changed their avatars.

If you are on the list but you strongly wish to deny that you are not fake @stephenconroy post a comment with your full denial and alibi.

If you really are fake @stephenconroy (and not on the list and would like to be, follow @eunmac on Twitter and DM a message. We will keep it a secret.)


53 Responses to Who is Fake Stephen Conroy? Full list of Suspects.

  1. heather says:

    “Would certainly possess the skills but may be too occupied by other things.”

    i have no idea what you’re talking abo…

    ooh! shiny….

  2. Fake Stephen Conroy says:

    Give it up, Heather. You know you’re me.

  3. Julian Cole says:

    I think he is part of the Twitter Political Leet, my $$$ is on Nick Hodge or Stilgherrain, then keep Warlach or JonoH as safe bets.

    Whoever it is, they are absolutely killing it! Very entertaining. Funnily enough I will be talking about this on the Dark Marketing Ad:Tech Panel tomorrow.

    Also when will @TheBogan give up! They think they are on the same level of humour as FakeStephenConroy but fall incredibly short.

  4. Warlach says:

    I like the logic, but, possibly to protect myself and possibly protect the identity of the real user, my official statement must be:

    I can neither confirm nor deny the accusation.

  5. I don’t know whether to be flattered or embarrassed that I only rate 3/10! I guess I would be more likely to be an instigator of @StephenConroyflsauraus.

    I suspect [CENSORED – THE AU GOVERNMENT HAS DELETED THIS COMMENT] is behind the FakeStephenConroy…

  6. Gavin Heaton says:

    Actually, I think @asio is behind FST. But then, who is behind @asio. I believe it is FST.

  7. stephen conroy says:

    I know Im dyslexic and it will take a leap of grammar-but it was me. The bogan made me do it. Ok? Sorry @terrortv

  8. How come Gavin’s comment re [CENSORED – THE AU GOVERNMENT HAS DELETED THIS COMMENT] didn’t get censored but my comment did?!

    I’ve changed my mind – Gavin’s definitely behind it!

  9. Warlach says:

    @Gavin Indeed, perhaps it’s an AI program? I’ve long suspected the first thing Skynet will do is set up a Twitter account…

  10. andrew303 says:

    I can confirm that it’s definitely @likeomg.

    Or @aramadge. He’s (occasionally) funny enough or maybe it’s @turnbullmalcolm. He’s got motive but no history of doing anything good or funny, so maybe not.

    PS: Don’t discount @duncanriley

  11. Mark Pollard says:

    I hate getting low scores on things (3/10) as much as I hate getting ego-baited and then falling for it 🙂

    Mamma always said there’d be days like this.
    Off to sulk in failing-metric beer. 30%? Devastated.

  12. lpapworth says:

    Yep it’s me.
    BTW me ‘n him don’t follow each other either. what more proof do you want?

    *is fibbing*
    Cheers @SilkCharm

  13. Mark Pollard only got 3/10 – I feel positively HUGE now!

  14. Wolfcat says:

    oh I know who it might be… (just a minute there is a knock at the door)….

    oh you what are you doing here…. what is that gun like object in your hand…


    no wait…

  15. Anthony says:

    I’ll throw @PeterBlackQUT’s name into the ring as Fake Stephen Conroy. He is across all policy issues as a law lecturer, was at the recent Canberra tech/politics forum and has stand up ambitions.

  16. Can we expand the search to include the rest of the fake parliament…?

  17. lpapworth says:

    @Wolfcat wins best comment.

    BTW there really was someone who said how he hated his sisters boyfriend, then said online “have to go and open the door to him now” and never came back -the sisters boyfriend killed him. Scary no? He told the police he hadn’t been to the house but the ‘proof’ (sorta) was there, online.

    Or is that an urban (social media) myth?

  18. I noticed that @StephenConroy was tweeting from #poltech – you may find some clues from this twitter search: http://search.twitter.com/search?q=stephenconroy+%23poltech

    Might narrow things down a bit.

  19. Warlach says:

    @Silkcharm To Snopes.com.au!

    *60’s Batman transition music*

  20. m0nty says:

    I know who the original FSC is. Though the originator may have passed the account on to someone else by now, further murkifying the situation.

  21. m0nty says:

    Also, I am insulted to not at least be considered for this list. 🙂

  22. Nope. Not me. My ego’s far too big to post in someone else’s name.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  23. Warlach says:

    Don’t know which one started it, but I second (third?) @Servantofchaos and @Eskimo_sparky in changing their avatar to the same as that of the FST account. 🙂

  24. Trevor Young says:

    Love it! Stand by for the arrival of Fake Fake Stephen Conroy!!

  25. nickhodge says:

    Twitter stream >> Blog post #fisting example #2.

    First was news.com.au on “australian twitter stars to follow”

    Now, “who is Fake Stephen Conroy”

    Epic Lulz, there, Amnesia. You got this social media shitstorm down pat. 😉

    Oh, and as the connection between Microsoft and the Government would be a touchy subject, our blogging policy says not to be fake online. In the spirit of full disclosure, my only other two online identities are:

    – Mister Darcy (@mister_darcy)

    – Neil Finn (@NeilFinn)

  26. Will says:

    Can I still participate if I know who it is? 🙂

    SHA-1: 8a81556a440d9d7e61025cbd9bea78d36de4f81f

    And just to defeat the Rainbow tables folks, I’ve added ” 2009-03-09″ to the end of the name. 🙂

    (Now all you need is 200 PS3s and a week or so to brute force it.)

  27. John says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he turned out to be a cloning experiment gone wrong thanks to @ASIO.
    Who knows what plot the Government is involved with…

  28. envirotex says:

    I prefer not to know. Ever.

    (I think it’s @Servantofchaos because of the similar style argument.)

  29. jyesmith says:

    It’s Luke’s father!! It’s Luke’s father!!1111

    Sorry. Just like star wars.

  30. […] The secret of generating traffic and comment to a marketing blog is to a) Write about twitter; b) Do a list; or c) Name check a lot of bloggers. Congratulations to Amnesia for pulling off the hattrick with its Who Is Fake Stephen Conroy? posting. […]

  31. Stilgherrian says:

    I have no idea what you’re talking about.

  32. Nan0Punk says:

    A suggestion if I may. I personally think @renailemay is a worthy addition to the list. He seems a little too innocent.

  33. I’ll err… just leave this here then…


    [no idea if it’ll actually work, but, y’know…]

  34. m0nty says:

    @DrunkenMadman: nice try, I’m not putting the real name in there for you to log.

  35. Can you change the ‘suspect rating’ to Odds and we can make this a bit more interesting? $10 says it’s Stilgherrian. A) He’s a very funny fella. B) His ‘denial’ in the comments is so deadpan that methinks it’s a confession.

  36. @m0nty:

    good move. It *does* notify me if someone comes up trumps…

    I considered leaving it unlogged but the info is too deliciously juicy to pass up.


  37. Will says:

    Too right, I reccon it is @Stilgherrian, but that’s just my guess. FSC is funny as heck though.

  38. […] Who is Fake Stephen Conroy? Full list of Suspects. | Amnesia Blog: Speculation about who Fake Stephen Conroy really is. Are they getting warm? […]

  39. […] Who is Fake Stephen Conroy? Full list of Suspects. This week the “REAL” Politician, Senator Stephen Conroy acknowledged the “FAKE” Stephen Conroy […] […]

  40. Netrootsdude says:

    Hmmm this whodunnit stuff reminds me of Crikey in its early days (Remember “Hillary Bray”?) This newer crikey though much more pedestrian still has a cheeky streak – Do Stilgherrian’s links raise him up the list?

  41. Stephen Stockwell says:

    I bet anyone a carton of their favourite overpriced beer that it’s not Stilgherrian. Does anyone who actually knows him ever remember him writing in any other character than his own? Didn’t think so.

  42. jg_rat says:

    Hurt that no one though it was me

  43. […] on censorship and the proposed internet filter in Australia. We even played a part publishing a list of suspects – which really was all part of the fun and quite the opposite to being a witch hunt as some saw […]

  44. Patrick Mc says:

    Awww, FSC was hilarious, hats off to you Leslie. FSC will be sadly missed…


  45. That was darn funny.
    Your blog coverage that is.

  46. NathanaelB says:

    Also hurt you didn’t suspect me – ah well!

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  49. Bit rough. However, surely just reflective of the era we live in.

  50. […] a debate about censorship and the internet filter in Australia. We even played a part publishing a list of suspects (which really was all part of the fun and quite the opposite to being a witch hunt as some saw […]

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