Details emerge for iPhone OS 3.0

image Yesterday, Apple released details about the upcoming iPhone OS 3.0 which adds a bunch of new things iPhone owners have been asking for… but leaves a few out.

The next version of the OS, which will arrive mid-year will offer developers “over 1000 new APIs” to work with.

Highlights of the feature-set include:

  • Cut, Copy and Paste! – and about time too.
  • MMS! – Quite frankly the lack of MMS was embarrassing to me and a source of amusement for those around me.
  • In-App purchasing – A cool idea, but a way for iPhone app developers to potentially nickel-and-dime us to death.
  • Peer-to-Peer connectivity – LAN games? Sweet.
  • Push notifications – Developers will be able to build message, sound and badge alerts into their apps.
  • Landscape keyboard available everywhere – Write texts and emails with a larger keyboard.
  • Voice memos – No need to buy a separate app for this now.
  • System-wide search – Easily find things in your messages, notes, mail and media files.

Sadly, the capability for applications to run in the background and (official) video recording using the camera is still out. have a feature round-up here.

Apple have also released a video of the full presentation here.

4 Responses to Details emerge for iPhone OS 3.0

  1. stephanlange says:

    according to engadget the 3.0 upgrade for the ipod touch 2G will unlock the inbuild bluetooth 🙂 all those nice things we could do with that

  2. AllXboxGames says:

    Was about time for the implementation of the copy&paste!

  3. From a products and development perspective, I’m especially interested to see what happens when the peripheral APIs are made public. Given the popularity of gaming on the iPhone, I hope we see some innovative gaming- or media-related peripherals.

    Same goes for Bluetooth ad-hoc connectivity over Bonjour is another interesting aspect. Let’s see how well it plays with other BT devices…

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