Twitter Dating – A Reality (and not soon enough)

It was bound to happen I guess. With all the jokes and ‘stories’ about people finding dates on twitter, a company – Radaroo – have finally decided its time to devote way too much time to making it happen.

Users sign up by sending a tweet to @radaroo, specifying their gender, the gender(s) they’re interested in, and which activities they’d like to participate in on a first date. See below:


I don’t know about you but I love mystery in a woman, and in 140 characters or less… could be just a little too much mystery for me.

Radaroo (good luck to you)

One Response to Twitter Dating – A Reality (and not soon enough)

  1. Ex Back says:

    I’ll try to sum it up.. Girlfriend dumped me a little over a year ago. It was my fault, but it was stupid…she didn’t even try to talk things out. I’ve destroyed one new relationship over my feelings for her getting in the way and I’m trying not to let that happen again, but I really don’t care as long as I can get her back. We seem…like…meant for each other…and we text ALL day and night. She has a boyfriend now…but he is treating her like sh!t and it is pissing me off. How do I go about getting a second chance? I tried to sum it up a bit, so I may have left out something, so if you have questions just ask and I’ll add details. Btw if you’re just gonna say to forget about it don’t bother answering….

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