Twitter is Done? Tumblr is Next?

Twitters Fail Whale VS Homepage

Andrew Davis over at Tipping Point Labs has some very interesting insights into Tumblr, Twitter and The Tweeters,Tumblrists and Technogeeks using them. He believes that companies will very soon start using Tumblr as they do Twitter – to communicate with their customers and the wider Tumblr community.

Andrew makes a case for Tumblr being a more sophisticated version of Twitter with much more room for valuable content and interaction between users.

Personally, I’ve been using Tumblr for a few months and am loving it as a blogging platform. It really takes the simplicity we love about Twitter and enables a much wider experience, more customisation and a very effective way of viewing and interacting with friends and followers.

Read Andrew’s Article

Amnesiacs Who Tumbl:
Jeremy – Senior Creative: Maybe, Definitely.
Mike – Senior Designer: Kleinmania
Heather – Social Media Advisor: Like OMG

Discuss in the comments: Is Tumblr the next Twitter? Do you Tumbl or Twitter or Both?

One Response to Twitter is Done? Tumblr is Next?

  1. Andrew Davis says:

    Hey Amnesia.
    Appreciate the love. Thanks so much for participating in the dialogue!
    I plan on watching your gang on Tumblr. Thanks again!

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