Social grows more measurable by the day

IAB 360i

For those of us working in social media, we’re often posed with questions about exactly how measurable projects run in this space are, and how this correlates to more traditional analytics like those in traditional and (traditional) digital media.

We’re now seeing guidelines released from the IAB around social media metrics and social advertising best practices, which will hopefully get the ball rolling in standardized reporting for clients and campaigns in this space — something I know our team here has been working on a lot in the past year or so.

Another notable release is the Social Marketing Playbook by the folks at 360i – a free 56-page PDF featuring articles by social media mainstays like Pete Cashmore, Jeremiah Owyang and Jeff Pulver – outlining how social has transformed the marketing landscape, how it will continue to do so, and how brands can harness this power for themselves. This one’s a great read, and one choice quote from page four has stuck with me: “Covering your ears is not a viable strategy.”

Whether brands like it or not, and whether its measured or not, social media conversations, blog posts and tweets will continue to be generated. Even if brands don’t want to jump in boots and all into the social media sphere, it helps to be at least listening to some of the conversations taking place. Monitoring brand chat via things like Monitter and Google Alerts are a quick and useful diagnostic.

While it’s still a long way to go before we figure out things like sentiment and influence analysis, and geographic segmentation, I think we’re definitely moving in the right direction. It’s a very exciting landscape we’re working in.

2 Responses to Social grows more measurable by the day

  1. google alerts is very handy, set it and forget about it, as it does all the monitoring for you and shoots you an email when your key words are used online.

    I use it to track mentions of my sites and to keep up to date with any developments as they happen.

  2. […] think it’s great that we can measure around community engagement with social media campaigns. However, as someone who’s worked […]

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