Twitter Hugs making the world a ‘betterer’ place… @pepsi @cocacola

From a genuinely random and spontaneous twitter experiment (here) that led to Coke and Pepsi becoming ‘friends’ on Twitter there’s been a fair bit of press coverage. Nice to see Biz Stone, founder of Twitter tweet it out too (here).
Maybe Twitter Hugs are something we’ll see more of in the future.
Adding links below as they come in:

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Above: The original tweet from Coke to Pepsi:
Below: Pepsi says Hellooo back to Coke.


Global Press Coverage:





Founder of Twitter Biz Stone – tweets out the news:

Reuters :


5 Responses to Twitter Hugs making the world a ‘betterer’ place… @pepsi @cocacola

  1. atom says:

    Boring! Who cares if two massively evil corporations become friends on twitter? Does this really constitute important or even interesting news?

  2. John says:

    What next? exxon and shell? imperial tobacco and phillip morris?

    This is a cheap and easy way for both of these increasingly unpopular firms to get publicity.

    Besides, massive rivals often ally with each other in secret, it’s called ‘price fixing’ and it’s against the law.

    Shame on everybody who’s chosen to carry this story and provide them with free publicity.

  3. Cola says:

    Boring. Quiet day at the office?

  4. eunmac says:

    @John @atom @cola – Thanks for the feedback. Personally I think the story has a few more layers to it than just corporate publicity.

    Try replacing the names Coke and Pepsi with GreenPeace and 10downingstreet; two opposing politicians; or two old friends that have lost touch. How far can we spread an important message or affect change with social media channels?

    Social media is new and yes we’re just trying stuff out to see what happens. I do appreciate the feedback, good or bad 🙂

    Cheers, @eunmac

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