Who is watching?

this is not the latest news, but it is still worth a mention.

Ads in bus stops in Hamburg, Germany were erected that change their content when someone is looking at them.


a built-in camera with eye-tracking technology can tell exactly when someone is checking it out and changes the content.


The Ad is an anti-domestic abuse message. When no one is looking, it shows a man hitting his wife. But when you look right at it, it changes to a picture of the couple looking happy and normal.

Pretty cool and effective.

4 Responses to Who is watching?

  1. It’s a great ad. And just to be topical it recently won a silver lion at Cannes. I think the agency was called Jung von Matt.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  2. I have just come across your blog, this ad is just brilliant, and it even won an award at Cannes of all places, great blog and hope to visit again soon

  3. Lisa says:

    Quite eerie for me as a survivor – it says it all. The perpetrators only do it when they know they will not be seen, they then go overboard to get victim’s forgiveness by being very nice and kind. That way they can appear ‘normal’ when seen with their victim. Thank goodness I am a wake up now.

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