That tourist snap you don’t need to take

Have you ever stood in the exact spot that millions have stood before taking the exact photo of the exact view that millions have taken before I wondered “why am I doing this?”

I have taken this shot* of the Sydney Harbour Bridge…


…and this shot* of the Taj Mahal…


…but last year I specifically did not take this shot* of Hong Kong from the Peak because I realised I could just Google it later.


Does this make me lazy or just practical? 🙂

*These layered images were grabbed from Flickr and put together in Photoshop. Each is a composite of about 5 images taken from the same location by different people.


4 Responses to That tourist snap you don’t need to take

  1. clamroll says:

    Those aren’t tourist shots per se, they’re just iconic images. I lived around the corner from the original Cheers, in Boston. People taking pictures outside of that… now those are tourist shots!

  2. stephanlange says:

    I personally like taking my own photos and show them off to fam and friends. I wouldn’t like taking other peoples shots especially in this age where everything is digital and you can basically take unlimited shots on your DSLR.

  3. iclazie says:

    I agree these spots are iconic and still amazing to witness despite the throngs usually standing around you snapping the same shot.

    I admire photographers who come away from a holiday with unique perspective like our colleague pixeldrew:

  4. Ben Reierson says:

    You have a point, and I’ve definitely skipped taking some shots before that I knew wouldn’t look nearly as good as those I could find elsewhere. The problem is, then I don’t have those shots in my personal photo library and that’s what I generally use for referencing my past experiences.
    It would be nice if photo management tools could autmoatically serve up photos of the same place/time that just helped you remember where you were and what you were doing, but filled in the gaps where you didn’t take the shots.

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