Twitter costs Bruno millions, but saves thousands from 81 minutes of appalling gay rhetoric

Bruno in Sydney. Photo courtesy of Sydney Morning Herald.

Bruno in Sydney. Photo courtesy of Sydney Morning Herald.

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning claiming Twitter cost Bruno millions of dollars at the box office got me thinking again about the power of social media.

The article reported an impressive single-day debut on the Saturday of the opening weekend. By Sunday, ticket sales  has dropped 39% – thanks, in part, to the flood of negative reviews which cropped up on Twitter.

While I’m sure this scares most marketers, to consumers, this is a godsend. I was one of the few that decided to see Bruno despite the reviews from my Tweeps and well, that’s 81 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. But thanks to Twitter reviews, thousands (potentially) have been saved.

We all know this is nothing new. People have always voiced their opinions about products and services; what social media has done is speed up the process and amplify the opinions, be they positive or negative.

Looking at this example, the trick with social media is really quite simple. If you want people to say good things about your product online, make sure the product is good to start with. Sugarcoating will only go so far.


10 Responses to Twitter costs Bruno millions, but saves thousands from 81 minutes of appalling gay rhetoric

  1. nickelass says:

    I’m not sure the speading up of the general public general opinions is always a good thing. Have you meet the general public? Very average.


  2. Kevin says:

    A bad movie, is a bad movie. However, taste is still something uniquely individual. A quick look at the meta-review site shows a relatively healthy 69% positive outlook today (it fluctuates).

    Personally, I’m on the lookout for when the crowd could get it wrong, possibly due to how twitter is also subject to the power law with celebrity users leading the charge. It’ll be interesting to see if factually incorrect, yet sensational information gets equal traction as well.

  3. […] Twitter costs Bruno millions, but saves thousands from 81 minutes … […]

  4. Daniel says:

    How often do you read a movie critics review, see the movie and then disagree with the movie critic? I wonder how the speed and reach of social media and the voice of the consumer will impact on movie critics?

    I am not one of those who likes to link back to my own blog very often by leaving comments but I did want to point out a post I wrote recently about Social Media in the post-purchase evaluation phase – I think it has a lot of relevance to this post and your example of Twitter vs Bruno.

  5. angegraham says:

    @Kevin totally agree that taste is subjective. I usually judge a movie purely on Rotten Tomatoes ratings – a rating of 69% would normally be more than enough to get me over the line, but in this case, I wish I’d listened to the Twitter reviews instead. I’m sure the crowd won’t always get it right though and the Jeff Goldberg ‘death’ is probably a good example of that, but I’d say more often than not, the crowd will get it right.

    @Daniel depends on the movie critic really. With channels like Twitter, you’re generally following people with similar interests to you, so I’d say reviews from them will be pretty accurate. Also, great post. More brands need to focus on the post-purchase evaluation phase (or as we like to call it, social CRM)

    Great comments guys. Good to get your thoughts 🙂

  6. carlmoggy says:

    I thought it was the funniest film I have seen this year. Perhaps that’s just my bad sense of humour 🙂

    But I think this is more about the speed and pace of information being passed around and how people become uninterested in things a lot quicker than they used to. Something all media is responsible for, not just Twitter.

    Here’s a good article highlighting exactly this

    Think about MJ’s death compared to Princess Diana. Maybe it’s just me but it’s only a couple of weeks after and I’m not hearing too much about MJ. Princess Diana went on for months if not years.

  7. Davidson Hepburn says:


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