Flickr flogging Getty Images. Urrr… Did anyone spot that one?

I hadn’t noticed until today that Flickr had jumped deep into bed with Getty Images. Apparently the deal happened in March (here). The odd thing is you can’t seem to opt out of searching for Getty Image content without doing an advanced search.


Although the drop down above gives you the appearance that you can search two libraries, Getty results will show up under either option.Here’s an example: This is a search of everyone’s uploads – but I still get Getty content. 


Personally I’d like an option in the dropdown which allowed Creative Commons only. For now the only way not to find Getty content whilst searching is to do an Advanced search and tick THIS box:

Somehow the news seems to have largely slipped under the social media news radar but I suspect that there may some fairly polarised opinions on this.

Some links:

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4 Responses to Flickr flogging Getty Images. Urrr… Did anyone spot that one?

  1. guardadocumentos says:

    very nice good work , i didn’t spot it .

  2. metamike says:

    nice one getty, way to destroy community spirit

  3. Andrew O'S says:

    On reading this post, I was inspired to create a search plugin (for Firefox, IE7+, etc) that would search only CC licensed images. So I headed over to the Mycroft project, and discovered that it already existed! Go here, and click on the first result that shows up:

    It’ll prompt you to add a Flickr CC search to that little search bar at the top right of your screen.

  4. Ryan says:

    The Getty/Flickr deal is an all-around awesome thing, both for Getty and for the photographers. Getty get access to loads of fresh “non-stocky” imagery, and good, rising photographers actually get paid.

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