Viral Wedding Video increases music sales.

10 million viral Wedding views in a week on Youtube  can do wonders for music sales, even if you’re Chris Brown languishing in a career low point (here). Neilsen points out (here) that Brown’s track Forever from 2008 was nowhere to be seen until this week, but is now in the top 10 for the US and Australia. The only possible reason being the Viral Wedding video which has a link to the track on iTunes. It raises some interesting points on the usage rights. Several people here pointed out that many similar videos have had the audio stripped by YouTube for copyright violation, yet this is a clear case of win-win for everyone involved. A clear indication to the Music industry that a social media model for music sales exists.

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5 Responses to Viral Wedding Video increases music sales.

  1. Stu Cam says:

    I wonder if the bride & groom will see any revenue from the increase in music sales?

    I very much doubt it.

  2. […] Nielsen Wire reports that the wedding video now has a direct link to buy “Forever (buy on Amazon),” which, despite being released last year, is now in the iTunes top 10. The video, reports Nielsen, also seems to have had a halo effect for troubled singer Chris Brown, whose February assault on then girlfriend Rihanna cloaked the singer in months of negative buzz. Via @shivsingh and Amnesia blog. […]

  3. gm says:

    are we assuming correlation equals causation here?

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    […]Viral Wedding Video increases music sales. « Amnesia Blog[…]…

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