Sour Japanese Music Video does it with Webcams

This breathtaking video was made by coordinating dozens of fans of the Japanese music group Sour. The only way I can think of describing it is “webcam synchronised swimming”. Watch it. It is pure genius.


Posted by @eunmac

8 Responses to Sour Japanese Music Video does it with Webcams

  1. Mr Corbett says:

    Mind blowing.I can’t help but think that there is some kind of image manipulation going on at certain parts of it. But I think that says more about the cynic in me than it does about the integrity of the work. Brilliant either way.

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  3. […] I originally discovered the Sour music video on the Amensia blog. […]

  4. Love it. This is brilliant and demonstrates that you don’t need big bucks to make a blockbuster video.

  5. Web Watch says:

    Video Fun: Phenomenal International Music Videos…

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  6. Glenn Paige says:

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  7. hot cam girl says:

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