Touch my holograms

Reading engadget tonight and came across this pretty cool project from the University of Tokyo.

The project, called Touchable Holography, involves the use of Wiimotes placed above the display to track hand motion, and an airborne ultrasound tactile display created in the university’s lab to create the sensation of touch. The result is a holographic image that produces tactile feedback without any actual touching, and without degrading the image itself.

But don’t take my word for it – check it out here

this is sooo cool

4 Responses to Touch my holograms

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  2. eunmac says:

    Love it. Wonder how big the ultrasound scales up to? Be interesting in a room that could fit a person.

  3. Mr Mac, I believe that is called a Holodeck. Imagine if it was a person?!

  4. Mary S says:

    I think my brain just turned inside out.

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