Halo Legends anime

I have played all the Halo Games and mostly loved even though I thought they were too short and now I came across this blog post that tells me they are making an anime out of it.

Check out the previews:

I am so going to watch that

5 Responses to Halo Legends anime

  1. dean says:

    cool stuff but artwork for the chief doesn’t really do him justice.

  2. okay, wow, that is looking good. I am not surprised as the amount of tie-ins is endless these days.

    Shame the live action one by Pete Jackson never went ahead. Heck, they still have a life size warthog at their workshop. Now THAT would of been an interesting movie!

  3. That’s so awesome, I’m a huge Halo fan but somehow I missed this! Thanks for pointing it out.

  4. If you people have nothing to say about the post topic then don’t say anything at all. You people are obviously just spamming. Please refrain from such indecent behavior .

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