Windows 7 and Twitter a/c for @MicrosoftHelps

A big couple of days for Microsoft as they launch Windows 7. Below are links to the launch in New York and link to the You Tube channel for Microsoft Australia ads where Amnesia Razorfish helped run the social efforts. Well done to the guys locally for a massive effort yesterday.  We love the new operating system and have glowing reviews from the staff on Windows 7 already.

New York

Australia TVC’s

@MicrosoftHelps twitter account

Not only has the Windows 7 launch seen to help us than much better than Vista but Microsoft has also launched a twitter account @MicrosoftHelps which is there to provide customer support to Windows 7 customers. There are 4 ppl behind the account managing queries.

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4 Responses to Windows 7 and Twitter a/c for @MicrosoftHelps

  1. Do you think Windows 7 will trump Vista? I have a great dislike for Vista as it isn’t a very designer or coder friendlt OS. Of course we all know Mac makes the best pc for coders and programmers but I have always been fond of Windows. I just dislike Vista because of copatability issues with expensive programs that I have purchased that don’t run properly on Vista.

  2. Bentos says:

    What, just a normal User Channel? No YouTube Brand Channel?

    Reckon you could have done much more with your ‘Social Efforts’ if Microsoft had actually put their hand in their pocket, check out all the stuff you missed out on:

  3. buckles says:

    Windows 7 will trump Vista for sure and I for one have it at home already. The changes and improvements are worth every cent. Speed and reliability are probably the two biggest factors. You will have even better compatibility with Windows7

  4. Dave says:

    I will probably wait to check it out when my best friend gets his new laptop. I remember the first time I used vista. I liked the new look. But from a designer, programmer standpoint vista is a train wreck.

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