Razorfish and Digitas to share back-office resources

Message from Razorfish President of Asia Pac, Lee Sherman:

 image image

“Six weeks into the Razorfish acquisition by Publicis, the integration planning is complete, and I have to say that I’m impressed with the speed and thoughtfulness of this work. The mantra throughout the process was to organize to bring the greatest possible service and value to clients. One aspect of the integration plan that had the potential to trip us up was how to best use the new-found digital scale of Digitas and Razorfish to benefit clients. We landed upon a solution whereby the two brands would combine back-office services, such as Finance, HR, IT Support, real estate, etc. in order to gain efficiency, which allow us to make further investments in critical client-facing roles.

How does this translate locally to Digitas and Amnesia Razorfish in Australia? Well, the most obvious impact will be around facilities. Amnesia Razorfish is very likely moving locations to Walsh Bay to be near our sister agency(s) allowing us to combine the back-office functions mentioned above. Additionally, Digitas can tap into the best of breed talent of Amnesia Razorfish to service clients as the Digitas brand expands in Australia. Naturally, we will maintain the integrity of the two separate brands, making all collaborative work completely transparent to the client. I’m extremely pleased with these developments all around, and look forward to putting this plan into motion.”


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