The Hype about Avatar

I have to say that when the first trailer of Avatar appeared I was fascinated by it and even though I haven’t seen the movie, everyone I talk to is telling me how awesome it is so I can’t wait to finally find the time and see it.


What I find interesting is the whole 3D thing about it. There are hardly any movies out there that show it without 3D and a few people that have seen it in 3D have told me that they are going back to see it again without the glasses. Especially the fast moving scenes just blur out and you can hardly see anything. Did you experience the same?

Also the movie made over USD 1 Billion within 17 days of its release – that is amazing. I know the movie was estimated to cost USD 237 million with $150 million for promotion, but that still means that within 17 days they made their money back and tripled it.

I thought that we are all aware of the fact that this movie is fiction, but there seem to be people out there that are getting depressed by the fact that the dream of Pandora is being intangible. If you are one of them than check out this forum – you might find help –

But if you still don’t have enough and you want to at least make yourself look like a Navi, here is how you can do it digitally in Photoshop

Anyway – I will try and see the movie as soon as possible and add a few more dollars to the enormous amount they already made.

Let me know what you thought of it in the comments.

8 Responses to The Hype about Avatar

  1. movieclubnewtown says:

    Saw avatar last week and like you I was feeling pretty dubious. I guess its an automatic reaction when you see the hollywood hype machine in full swing these days. What really helped me get past any hesitations was seeing all the positive reviews on twitter.

    And it is a really good film, Although it seems that I wasn’t as effected as some others were. Wasn’t too impressed by the 3d goggles but may as well try it out in the cinema anyway cause you will probably watch it without when it comes out on dvd anyway.

  2. Ben Reierson says:

    I was actually pretty blown away by the 3D quality. Maybe people aren’t seeing it in the best theaters? I guess it’s a bit different for each person, but I think Cameron’s use of 3D was FAR better than any I’ve seen before, and definitely added to the film’s immersion.

  3. Raining in Portland says:

    Saw the movie and found it to be quite entertaining, though I would highly recommend that Cameron let someone else write the story. His films rest heavily on special effects and he never lets us down in that respect.

  4. stephanlange says:

    Thanks for your comments. I will be going tonight to see it and I decided to see it in 3D because I won’t be seeing it again in 3D when it comes out on DVD/BD.
    Wohoo – can’t wait for tonight

  5. stephanlange says:

    So last night I finally found the time to go and watch Avatar and what other can I say than Wow!
    The special effects are awesome and I believe you have to watch it in 3D to get the whole experience, the trees, the Navi, the fying things and and and
    I like picking up mistakes in movies too and one big one I saw was that even though you need your oxigen mask to run around the planet you can fly without one in your helicopter with no doors – oops
    Anyway – if you haven’t seen it, go an do so

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