iPad vs Kindle vs Rock

So how does an iPad really stack up against its competitors? We did a quick analysis and compared it with the Kindle and a ten thousand year old rock. The results are in:


Sidenote: Just for fun ok! Also full respect and homage to the original iPhone Vs Rock parody from a few years ago (author unknown) here:

85 Responses to iPad vs Kindle vs Rock

  1. Mandy says:

    Ha ha. The rock rocks.

    Can’t believe apple went with a glossy screen … completely ridiculous.

    • brian says:

      they are famous

    • No says:

      They went for a glossy screen because most people use their macs for photo browsing and storage. A glossy screen makes the photos look better. Unless you are a graphic designer or someone who doesn’t own a color corrected dedicated monitor, then for you yes a glossy mac could seem the wrong choice. However I know lots of pros who use their glossy macs for pro work. Some people are just semi-autistics freaks if you ask me. At the end of the day, its not the tools you use, but how good you are at using them.

  2. Lizzie says:

    Does the rock come with different scriptures or just the one ten thousand year old story?

  3. Sababedadas says:

    There’s no way a 10,000 year old rock with writing on it will be available for under $250!

  4. IJ says:

    The rock clearly comes with widescreen too. iPad does not.

  5. Shii says:

    I just saw a Kindle yesterday, it took about 5 minutes to boot up. Hardly more “instant” than an iPod.

  6. I couldnt resist sorry ahaha says:

    There is gonna be a rock upgrade in another 10,000 years which adds flash support 😀

  7. Roel says:

    I USE a Kindle. It boots in nearly 4 seconds to the last page I read. But I agree, the rock wins.

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  10. BarbaricYawp43 says:

    But, unless I’m mistaken, you can’t download books to a rock. It seems to be an unfair comparison.

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  12. Alex says:

    funny…btw it’s “against its” not “against it’s”

    • Jacob says:

      Actually, you’re wrong. You do not use an apostrophe when adding an s to a pronoun to denote possessiveness. Your attempt at being a grammar Nazi has failed miserably.

    • Alexis says:

      LOL, that’s what s/he said! And also, BTW, it’s “possession”, not “possessiveness”.

  13. iclazie says:

    Rock totally wins on durability too.

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  15. $vend says:

    Any who knows if the rock has multitasking?

  16. alexjulien says:

    Rocks rock!

    I just reblogged and commented, if you would like to read (alert: shameless plug ahead! 😉 go to http://alexenbits.tumblr.com/post/360287554/piedra-e-ink-ipad-for-english-read-below-al.

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  18. schorsch says:

    A more thorough analysis shouldn’t miss the category “Content doesn’t vanish spontaneously.”

    Rock: Yes
    Kindle: No
    iPad: ?

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  20. Trendy says:

    Kind of misses what made the original work. It was very literal and there was no way you could argue with it. That was the entire point.

    Rocks don’t have battery life because they don’t have batteries. They don’t have instart start because they don’t start at all. They don’t have a matte screen because they don’t have a screen.

    The original was funny because there was no way to argue with it even though it was silly.

  21. Kevin Xu says:

    We must add shockproof too, rock completely the winner

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  23. FCarrasco says:

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  24. Katie says:

    Remember books? Paper beats rock!

  25. iPadTech says:

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  26. Sarah Lynch says:

    HAHA! I think I’ll just a rock 😀

    But then it’s not touchscreen :/

  27. Flukioh says:

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  28. -xXx- says:

    lol tro drole bon bisous

  29. mini handy says:

    I don’t think the Ipad will be as successfull as the iphone, as it is not as knew and revolutionary.

  30. mobiledepot says:

    nice article.keep it up.

  31. akbar says:

    nice comparison, but in indonesia we have “lontar” it used by our ancestor to told the history on their time.


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  35. I think the iPad wins, hands down 🙂

  36. huhu..very nice funny comparison..
    I only wish if iPad could match with kindle in terms of battery life.
    10 hours definitely not enough!

  37. link2mobile says:

    if this is black rock or coal. iThink iPad will be a Winner. Coz now, this coal is in the kitchen. Hahaha

  38. kate007 says:

    good review.. I love rock ..it seem can be with you all age. but in this era, many gadget will come to and we can enjoy with technology and keep reading anywhere. Thanks for technology

  39. So ipad or not? Im tempted, but not quite. The limitations mentioned are pretty significant. I’ll wait for more widespread HTML5 adoption, multi-tasking, the next wave of apps and a webcam. Great review though, surprisingly balanced.

  40. Arghh damn ipad.. have to say, I’ve been entirely unimpressed with this device in the run-up to release, but in reading this review, I was actually swayed for the first time and felt the impulse to go out and buy one. I won’t… yet… not until they can cram a few more of the missing features into a future release. I really need a digitizer/stylus for note-taking and a USB port to offload files.

  41. A lot of really good work you put into this. Very helpful ! I knew I wanted a iPad and purchased one before my Kindle. I tried reading from it, but it really did not pleased me.

    When I got my Kindle I realized how much BETTER e-ink is for reading. Still really like my iPad, for the tasks I use it for, but reading is not one of those tasks.

    But I hadn’t had time to really look at or play with Rock.

  42. Patkung says:

    i like it.
    Nice article.
    Thank you 🙂

  43. iPad says:

    Ha. The Rock is the best!

  44. scarf says:

    ha , you mean rock better than ipad?

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  46. siamtalk says:

    good compare hahah

  47. ineedweapon says:

    Yeah, so in those attributes the Rock may be superior, but in terms of function, the iPad is superior. Even the Kindle is better than a f*cking rock. I mean, say I go “Merry Christmas, here’s a rock”. The person receiving the rock will say “WTF is this sh*t I want an iPad!?”. But if you think a rock is better than a Kindle or iPad than okay. You go buy a rock. Enjoy it, too.

  48. cool compare, ^^
    thx for share

  49. Kranu says:

    There’s also a Rock Nano. It’s given a better name though: the pebble. But the rock goes a step further. They make an even smaller version of the pebble. It’s called a sand grain.


  50. henrymcdo says:

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