Enter the Jelli

The clever music nerds over at http://www.jelli.net have just made internet radio a wee bit more interesting.

You sign up, pick a tuner, there’s a ridiculously long list of tracks (and you can place suggestions to add more) that each have a vote count. Cast your vote, and move your favourite tracks up the playlist.

Need to hear something ASAP? Use a precious power-up (a Rocket) and shoot that tune into the public view, call for votes, team up with other listeners, and get it on the air. See something you desperately need to never hear again? Use a Bomb, send that garbage to the very bottom of the list.

It gets a little more interesting than that, if you Rocket a song into the player, for all to hear – and The Majority are loving your choice, they’ll click the “Rocks” button, should the rock metre fill up, you’ll get your Rocket back, giving you the power to choose again. If not, too bad, at least you got to hear your song.

If the track is filling the listeners with bile and rage, they’ll hit “Sucks” – enough suckage and that track is pulled off the air, immediately.

After a week or so of testing, Jelli has proven to be addictive through the game-ish aspect, but also excellent for discovering new music through the choices of fellow listeners. Honestly, I can’t recommend it enough.

That should be reason enough to take it for a spin, but there’s one more tidbit that bears mentioning. They’ve managed to ally themselves with 2dayFM via http://www.choosethehits.com.au – and this occasionally leads to Jelli voters controlling the 2dayFM radio waves for various timeslots.

So if you like the idea of having a say in what the radio plays, and forcing everyone to listen to the music you like… then you probably want to head on over and exercise your right to vote.

4 Responses to Enter the Jelli

  1. eunmac says:

    User controlled radio – pretty interesting idea. Probably something most radio stations will adopt one day?

    • Paul says:

      They will if they don’t want to pay hosts/DJs.

      Although, I can’t imagine every station in the world ditching the old disc jockey, some people like the inane chatter.

      I reckon we’ll end up with some stations that are purely user selected, a few that don’t touch it at all, and a majority that have X hours a day/night that are allotted to “voting” time.

      It’s just too good an opportunity to engage listeners, and measure activity (this many people are voting, so at least that many are listening + hearing the ads) for them to pass it up.

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