Jobs: Creative genius required

We’re after a creative to come up with brilliant digital ideas.

Here’s the job description in case you know a kick-ass digital creative:


From an agency background, you will need to have a proven track record of impressing clients, winning pitches and generally not being boring. If that’s you, then show us your stuff.

We love digital and want you to be excited about digital too, about solving problems and inventing new stuff.

The role requires some versatility, working across a range of clients and projects. Anything from inventing the latest Microsoft Surface application, devising a social campaign through to storyboarding banners. An ability to jump on and do some design would be ideal.

We’d also love to see what makes you tick away from the studio. Do you paint, make t-shirts or build bikes? Personal work brings a new dimension to all that we do … and also gives you something to show at the agency Friday afternoon talent time.

Passion and talent trumps posh job titles so we’d love to see great examples of work rather than a detailed CV.

Please send us a link to your portfolio site and / or blog. If you’ve been too busy to update your site (we know what it’s like) then send us links to 3 pieces of your most loved work.

To apply for this position, send email to

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  1. I found your website on Yahoo and i like your content.

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