Not ….king funny

The new Burger King TV ad in the UK made me laugh. The digital is pretty cool as well, but the gag’s lost a bit in print … and by that burger. Anyway, you can create your own t-shirt and if you get 50 votes, you win it.

The crap bit is that in order to vote, you have to watch the TV ad. (And it was all going so well). I guess those pesky atl suits couldn’t keep their fingers out of the digital pie 😉

Here’s the ****king Amnesia blog shirt. Vote on it (if u can stand being forced to watch the TVC), tell us you’ve voted in the comments below and I’ll send the shirt to one of you if / when we get it :)  Vote here


Here’s the ****king TV ad:


2 Responses to Not ….king funny

  1. tim says:

    agree, the f*** joke works so much better in fashion (as in fcuk) than in food.

  2. […] thanks to @handypearce over at amnesiablog for […]

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