Google Map iPhone app. Australia live traffic updates

For those who haven’t seen it here’s a quick look at ‘live traffic’ function for Sydney on the iPhone Google maps app. Screenshot below.

So how good is it? Well, it’s ok but a long way from perfect. Driving around on a busy Saturday afternoon there were a lot of yellow roads which should have been red, green ones that should have been yellow etc. I don’t blame the app or Google for the quality of the data – I’m sure pretty the info is from the RTA 

Marks out of 10 = 6

Red=congested, Yellow=slow but moving, Green=all clear.


Tip: Google maps app with GPS and traffic updates drains your battery… make sure you have a power source in the car.

2 Responses to Google Map iPhone app. Australia live traffic updates

  1. Shaun says:

    Yes it is some great mobile centric technology with a lot of potential for value to owners of fleets, couriers etc. etc.

    I think you will find it is partially googles data and essentially from Intelematics (a subsidiary of RACQ)

    Actually users can help make the data more accurate by adjusting the settings on their mobiles:

    “If the phone is set to have Google Maps for mobile running with GPS enabled and the My Location feature turned on, data measuring the speed will be sent back anonymously to Google.”

    This will omit ‘passive’ signals back to google there by adding to the algorithm that is measuring how many people are traveling along a road from point A to point B and how long it takes to get there…

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