Does HTML5 Really Beat Flash?


With the impending launch of the Apple iPad, the Cupertino-based company’s shunning of Adobe Flash technology has been brought to the forefront of technological discussions. While it was one thing to forgo Flash on a small, mobile device such as the iPhone or iPod Touch, some are questioning whether lack of Flash support is going to be a make-it-or-break it feature for the new slate devices arriving next month – devices which, if you believe Apple CEO Steve Jobs – are "better than netbooks."

Interesting read and question to think about. Does anyone have any experience with testing the two?

Read more on The New York Times…

Also Flash Player 10.1 pre-release software demos and interviews the upcoming Flash Player 10.1 on mobile devices.


4 Responses to Does HTML5 Really Beat Flash?

  1. Paul Knight says:

    I don’t think from a practical point of view, in terms of ease of development and economics, HTML5 is near replacing the ability of Flash to do interactive material, particularly education illustrations, and games. I’ve listed some of the sites I think only flash does well at my flash4ipad site

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