Should I buy an iPad?

The hype about the iPad has been huge and Apple sold 300 000 devices on opening day and over 1 million applications have been downloaded already.

Even Amnesia jumped on the band wagon and we are having an internal competition and the first price is an iPad.

So let’s say I won’t be the lucky one winning the iPad, should I go out and buy one anyways?


if you read this blog on a regular basis you will know that I  like to look at some things from the funny angle, but at least you know now that the iPad is blendable and it is powered by an iPhone. 🙂

I found a few more options and posted them here

We all know that the iPad is not the first tablet on the market and there have been alternatives around for some time now.

take the Modbook for example


you provide the unibody macbook to this company and for US$900 they will turn your 2500 dollar macbook into a tablet that runs full OSX with flash and multi-tasking support.


and then there is the Viliv X70 which has been around for over a year now


it runs WindowsXP, has GPS, USB, SD card slot and 3G


but if those devices would be the only alternatives I wouldn’t think twice and go straight with the iPad

Fortunately new devices are basically introduced every day so there are more options.


so it looks like that all different Operating systems will have tablets coming out to I will show alternatives based on that.

Steve Balmer showed the HP Slate off and I was excited to see it and couldn’t wait to know more about it


so finally there are more details available and on paper it has some advantages over the iPad:

1.6Ghz CPU, 1080p playback, card reader, USB port, 2 cameras, supports flash and multi-tasking

another windows alternative would be the Archos 9 PC tablet



Next on the list is Linux and this time the tablet is coming out of Germany and is called WePad (how innovative)


coming out of Germany it should be a nice piece of equipment and it has again a few things to offer that the iPad can’t match

larger screen, 2 USB ports, supports all ebook formats, flash support, access to the Android market place

UPDATE: the makers of the WePad announced its availability in August this year with 2 different versions: 16GB version for Euro 450 and a 64GB version that is capable of full HD for Euro 569

Speaking of Android my next choice is probably my favourite – ICDs Gemini


as i said it is running Android OS, has a 11 inch screen which can be resistive or capacitive, a 5 axis accelerometer, card reader, voice calls, SMS, MMS, Wireless N, FM radio, IR, USB port, 2 cameras, GPS, dual speakers and microphones, HD video. email support and flash support

unfortunately there is no release date or price yet, but this little gem looks pretty awesome – there is a great comparison on engadget here

another Android alternative that has been talked about is the Notion Ink Adam



Then there is the browser based OS tablet that was born out of controvercy called JooJoo


it has a bigger screen, 1 GB of Ram, USB port, flash support and camera, but everything else I read about it didn’t convince me at all – it seems to have early release issues, but hopefully they will be solved with software updates


There are plenty of rumours about Chrome tablets that are coming out – supposedly Google and HTC are working on a tablet based on Chromium


all you can really find online are concepts by Google so there are no hardware specs or release dates or prizes

UPDATE: Google CEO Eric Schmidt has confirmed that his company is developing a tablet device based on the Android operating system. The New York Times reports that Google has “been working with several hardware manufacturers,” and “hopes to make its own apps marketplace available for new slate-like devices.” reported on mashable

So if I have to sum it up, there are plenty of alternatives to the iPad. For me the ICD Gemini is my favourite at the moment and I would love to get my hands on one to really give it a test drive (ICD if you are reading this, please send one my way)


But of course this is just my opinion and everybody should make up their own mind. I would love to read your opinions so please leave them in the comments below.



21 Responses to Should I buy an iPad?

  1. justin says:

    Thanks for the overview! Wasn’t aware of the Gemini, will definitely keep an eye to keep an eye out for that one.

    Should you buy an iPad? Well I’m troubled by all these reviews of the iPad to be honest.

    There are two revolutions going on with the iPad, and for the most part all anyone focuses on is the pretty one – the UI revolution. There is no doubt this represents a mainstream shift in how we’ll interact with machines, but it was inevitable, and in a few years the majority of devices will operate in this way.

    The big omission in all these reviews of the iPad is the ugly revolution – the model Apple is trying to push. It really is a digital dystopia. One where one US corporation dictates what apps can, and cannot run on a device. One in which a new middleman is inserted, taking a 30% cut of whatever a developer makes. One in which the content you buy, like ebooks, can’t be shifted to any other devices.

    It’s like we’ve only just gained all these newfound digital freedoms, and not a moment later are happily running straight into a gilded cage. For all its prettiness, the iPad is about ceding personal digital freedoms back to the old structures that were being forced to change. Ho hum.

    Haha – sounds like I’m reading this from a soap box predicting end times. In all honesty either the tablet competition you ran through or the US anti-trust division will hopefully ensure Apple’s dictatorial model will be changed, but with the recent news about Apple’s developer license modifications it doesn’t look like they’re slowing down.

    I just wish there were more enlightened consumers. We can join the dots with things like Fairtrade coffee, but seem unable to do so with new shiny things!

    • stephanlange says:

      Thanks Justin for voicing your opinion and I mostly agree with you. Let’s hope other companies will get more market share so Apple will have to change something
      With the new OS4 that is coming to the iPad it will finally get multitasking (kind off), but I still wait for the WePad or the Gemini

  2. William says:

    They all look like copy-cats.

    • stephanlange says:

      Hi William,

      for me it is not about the looks. I care about what he device is capable of doing and that’s what I was focusing on here.

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  7. Mohit says:

    People have got their opinion how ipad is shit and stuff and i repect thier opinion but y is evryone asking soo much out of an ipad its a start to something good.. i aint an apple freak or something just my opinion tht dont expect a lot from an ipad its not ur computer its not something that will replace newspaper its something different.i bought an ipad and i love it. it aint gonaa replace ma comp or nythin just an add on to life.

  8. Vann says:

    Does anyone remember the Sony Walkman?

    People bought them because they were small, portable and did the job of playing cassettes in a personal sound environment.

    They sold millions of them.

    I don’t remember anyone complaining that they lacked RCA jacks, or an FM/AM tuner or the ability to record music . . .

    It seems that people are hung up on the iPad being a repackaged desktop/laptop computer.

    It’s not. It won’t be. It’s a new paradigm, in much the same way that someone who owns an RV and buys a small sports car will go insane trying to compare the two.

    The ipad is sexy and cool . . . it’s a fashion accessory, too.

    • Stephan Lange says:

      Hi Vann,

      I am not sure if you can compare the 2 with each other. The walkman was introduced in 1978 and was something that was new and exciting and only fullfilled 1 purpose in the beginning of playing back music.

      The iPad in my opinion is a multi-purpose device and the technology these days has the capabilitiy (I believe the tech in 1978 wasn’t capable to put tuners and other jacks into the walkman)to add a camera and a couple of USB ports – so that is what I am complaining about – I’d like to just plug in a USB hard drive and play my movies off that, rather then having to convert them and then use iTunes to transfer them over.

      And don’t get me wrong I do think that the iPad has some nice parts in it, like the screen is just amazing and the touch friendliness is great.

      I just hope that the next version will have the things that I wished would have been there in the first place.


  9. eric says:

    yeah, definitely buy one, and download wallpaper from here:

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