The Courier: Microsoft wants to send you something nice.

We haven’t blogged about this here yet, and given all the tablet-like devices we’ve covered over the last couple of weeks (iPad mania? Maybe.) why not add Microsoft’s possible entry into the fray.

The Courier appears to sit somewhere between a smartphone, PDA, the current imaginings of a tablet and… a book. It may sound odd, but if you can see the picture below, you’ll notice just how enticing this might be to certain creative folk, myself included.

Microsoft Courier

Courtesy of Engadget

Notice the menu on the left hand page, sketching. Sure, reading, playing, all of that is great – but for someone who loves to draw, and loves to draw on the go, this is some kind of dream come true. It hasn’t come true yet, but it looks to be on the way. This concept is intended for both touch and stylus, recognising (much like this) that touch is great for some things… but for others, it’s honestly best to have another tool in hand.

Not all fancy new devices have to come in iPad/Slate/Tablet form, and the idea of a digital note/sketchbook complete with camera and mobile web capabilities is a fantastic step into an innovative, digital future. Better yet, it should fit in your pocket.


6 Responses to The Courier: Microsoft wants to send you something nice.

  1. AK says:


  2. Paul says:

    What makes you say that?

  3. AK says:

    No-one’s seen one in public, the demos are mockups. It’s a ‘super secret’ project that has been ‘leaked’ by Microsoft itself without a release date. It’s classic MS vapourware.

  4. Danielle says:

    Thanks for that, somehow I’d missed the first video you posted. I know there is a chance this may be vapourware but I think the jetpak and flying car comparisons are missing something: this is a realistic evolution of the last six years of tablet development by Microsoft. People seem to forget this is not revolutionary stuff, the iPad is nothing but a cheaper, Apple-branded (when do you here those two phrases together? lol) version of the tablet I’ve been using since 2004 (upgraded to a new one this year) and which have become indispensable in the medical, construction and various other industries. This stuff is definitely not pie-in-the-sky.
    I wish the Slate had this form-factor because I’d prefer not to have to bundle my software from the same manufacturer as my hardware, but this genuinely portable, folding (for protection as well as size) will have me giving my money to MS rather than HP.

  5. DonySoft says:

    Cool video! very nice device!

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