Street Fighter IV iPhone Covers are Win

If you’re reading this blog you’re probably a tech, or design nerd of some kind, and if you’re a nerd there’s a pretty high chance you’ve wasted (read: appropriately utilised) a good portion of your time playing Street Fighter in its various incarnations. Regardless of whether or not that’s a broad generalisation, these Street Fight iPhone covers are totally rad.

Street Fighter iPhone Covers

Click to see that exact same picture, but larger.

Oh, and enjoy this video.

Personally, if I wielded an iPhone in my daily life, I’d have a hard time not purchasing anything that made it look like Ryu. Got a favourite?


[Source: Capsule Computers Australia]

3 Responses to Street Fighter IV iPhone Covers are Win

  1. IPhone cases says:

    very cool covers, where can i get one from

  2. Street Fighter IV says:

    HAHAHA that video is cool Ryu Calls him on the iphone !!! that’s very crafy !!! Good video review.

    I want one of those covers.

  3. Hans Lanka says:

    There is just so many things we don’t know about universe. It is a big interesting world. Your post is nothing more than a small part of it. Small but significant .

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