Mashable’s iPad 3G Review: for Australians and Lazy People

Mashable have a really fantastic review of the 3G incarnation of the iPad – it’s a bit long though, so I’m going to shorten it down to only the necessary information (for lazy people) and throw an Australian perspective in at the end to balance out their US-centric complaints.

Find the review summary, and Australian perspective after the jump.


  • 3G capability makes it truly mobile
  • It’s sold unlocked, so don’t stress about being trapped with a specific carrier
  • Form factor is almost exactly the same, the only difference being the black band at the top (3G receiver shield)
  • Black band at top is flush with case
  • Full location and GPS capabilities (think turn-by-turn in the car)
  • The iPad will automatically choose the fastest/most reliable connection if both 3G and Wi-Fi are available

Not So Awesome:

  • AT&T (in the US) offer terrible 3G speeds
  • The battery life is significantly shorter (around 9 hours) than the Wi-Fi model, which can outlast it’s advertised 10 hours
  • AT&T (again, the US) restrict video over 3G to either very low quality, or not letting you view it at all
  • Video sites that detect your mobile connection may automatically lower video bitrate, which on an iPhone (or other smartphone) is no issue – but on the big, beautiful iPad screen, is somewhat irritating
  • It costs about $120 USD more

That’s it really. Now, lets put this into the perspective of someone living in Australia – which I do.

The issues with regard to AT&T or any US carriers data speed problems are of no relevance to the Australian market. As long as the iPad 3G is sold unlocked in Australia, the way it’s being done in the US, then we have no need to worry about being locked into terrible mobile connections. Yes, I’m looking at you Three.

Now that that worry has been taken care of, what’s left to really complain about? Ah… the $120 cost increase, we can expect that to be significantly higher in the Land Down Under. It seems that any company shipping out new gadget (or even piece of software, sigh) to the Australian market increases the price by 10-50%.

Hopefully Apple will see fit not to take part in this ridiculous technology-tax, but somehow I doubt that will happen.

In summary (for the Aussie market): The 3G will cost more than the Wi-Fi, but be more useful on the go/have more uses. If you’d like to read Mashable’s lengthy review, just click right here.

If you’re considering making an iPad purchase (becoming an iPaid?) – which model do you think  you’ll pick up?


[Source: Mashable]

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  1. Howdy. Great Job, I did not expect this specific on Friday. This can be a great story. Thanks.

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