Indie Game Bundle – Choose Your Own Price

Everybody likes finding a good bargain, and that’s exactly what this is. Wolfire Games is an excellent indie game developer, with a couple of wins tucked under its belt. All five games are cross-platform (Win/Mac/Linux) and DRM free. This is a sales model that’s becoming established, and I like it – more on this after the jump.

The games they’re bundling are:

My personal favourites there are World of Goo & Gish (detecting a blob theme, people) – but they’re all fantastic games, covering a range of genres.

Check out the Humble Bundle promo video here to see what you’d be picking up:

They’re offering five fairly well known, fantastic indie games for the price of… whatever you feel like. When Radiohead did this with their album In Rainbows, it seemed like a fantastic model that worked with the internet and changing consumer needs instead of against them.
Here’s a couple of quick stats to back that up:

  • According to an Internet survey conducted by Record of the Day of 3,000 people, about one-third of people who downloaded the album paid nothing, with the average price paid being £4 (now ~$7AUD, but higher then)
  • In October 2008, a report from Warner Chappell revealed that although most people paid nothing for the download, pre-release sales were more profitable than the total money from sales of Hail to the Thief

So, if this model worked well for Radiohead (an internationally famous band with a dedicated following) why shouldn’t it work for an established semi-known indie game company? There’s no reason why it shouldn’t, and the best part is… it seems to be working.

Check out this screenshot of their real-time stats, taken around 5:30pm Australian Eastern time, on 5/5/10

Not too bad, eh? Plus, 100% of the money goes to the developer and/or charities of your choice (out of the options available). The offer goes dead around six days from now (11/5/2010), but if we the consumer support this kind of action, we may see it more and more often.

Five excellent games, supporting developers and charities. If there was a Like button on this, I’d hit it.


[Source: Wolfire Games – Humble Indie Bundle]

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