It’s almost here: The iPhone controlled quadcopter drone

Update: I’ve been waiting  to buy one of these since I blogged it back in January. Well – the wait is almost over. June 15th sees the launch and pricing details of the AR Drone. Sick … as a Parrot. Details here

I’m planning to get one shipped over. Let me know in the comments below if you want to come and have a play with it 🙂

Here’s my original post.

Santa didn’t bring me one, but I wish he had. An iPhone controlled quadcopter drone with onboard cameras … yes really. It says it’s controlled using ‘wifi technology’ so I’m hoping you can’t just fly within a wifi zone. Big brother footage of Sydney coming soon. More here



5 Responses to It’s almost here: The iPhone controlled quadcopter drone

  1. Gavin Heaton says:

    Of course, a Buy Now button would help 😉

  2. […] A.R Drone – a Quadcopter controlled by your iPhone (we mentioned it here […]

  3. stephanlange says:

    hell yeah – lucky I am in the same office as you – wohoo I get to play with it, all I need now is an iPhone – no wait they do have an Android client ( – awesome

  4. […] AR.Drone hits the US this September for $299 we have been talking about this over and over again and it finally got announced and the hands on video from the engadget guys wants me […]

  5. Nathan Miles says:

    I am so glad I came accross this today. Absolutely awesome and so true and i love it. thanks

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