Parrot AR.Drone hits the US this September for $299

we have been talking about this over and over again and it finally got announced and the hands on video from the engadget guys wants me to have it even more.



If you are listening carefully to the video there is a girl talking about it and if I understood it correctly you can fly one of these for 12 min straight before it needs to get recharged for 90 min – not great, but a good start.

As previously mentioned the drone is controlled via an app for your iPhone,iPod or iPad (and there is an Android one now too) – You get a free download of the control app in the App Store, as well as a simple combat app in which your view on your iPhone is overlaid with missiles, lasers, and explosions as you duel with another Drone.

there are rumours that more and more apps will be released in the future with new “missions” so it will never get boring 🙂

I personally can’t wait and I will talk my boss into buying one for the office.


One Response to Parrot AR.Drone hits the US this September for $299

  1. just when you thought it could not get better, it is, thanks for the post

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