Original 1979 Pac-Man Drawings


Toru Iwatani created Pac-Man. He still carries top secret documents with him to game conferences. No, really.

Iwatani was a speaker at the recent Festival of Games. To the surprise of the conference’s host, Iwatani was carrying the original Pac-Man sketches with him.



via Kotaku

2 Responses to Original 1979 Pac-Man Drawings

  1. Alex says:

    This is amazing! how cool he still has them. Imagine the pride.

    If you thought of every project you did and wanted to create something which resulted in you carrying round the original sketches in your back pocket – imagine the how much the quality of everything would improve?

  2. Tarik says:

    Agreed Alex. Fucking cool though, I’d love to do something that timelessly cool!

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