Why I’m an Amnesiac (oh, and check out BRW!)

As an ex-PR professional, I’m used to the workings of the media and profiling clients and CEOs in mainstream media outlets such as newspapers, radio and magazines.

But, and I’m embarrassed to admit, it’s a different kettle-of-fish when you’re the one being profiled!

Interviewing for a piece about my role here, I was nervous and felt the pressure. I had to stay on message, had to sound ‘intelligent’ and above all, call the agency Amnesia Razorfish.

Today the latest issue of BRW Magazine came out. And my mug is in it. On a full-page no less thanks to the lovely Jessica Gardner at BRW. My little ego has grown just a bit today, but the reason why I’m posting here (well, blame Jennie Bewes my gorgeous boss, who made me do it) is because the article highlights why I’m so passionate about my role here at Amnesia Razorfish.

You can read the profile here as it’s not pay-walled, but some highlights include:

“Late 20-something” Evans had handed in her notice as communications and partnerships Manager at headspace, the youth mental health foundation, to see work at an advertising agency…. to publicise her campaign, in true generation Y, social media savvy style, Evans began blogging anonymously and set up a Twitter account under the moniker ‘skirt for hire’….

“I was impressed that the agencies that I had on my wish list were the ones that did indeed contact me.” Digital marketing agency Amnesia Razorfish hired Evans as a social strategy manager. Her role will be to push for social media integration into marketing campaigns for clients.

So there you go. I’m passionate about communications, community, innovation and people who have the balls to push the boundaries and the team here at Amnesia Razorfish do just that. That’s why I chose this wonderful agency. And you know, one month in, I’m loving this agency even more!

Amnesiacs: the cool kids

Ok, done. Now enough about me, no more PR and back to work 😉

~ Karalee Evans, Social Strategy Manager (and the Skirt).

2 Responses to Why I’m an Amnesiac (oh, and check out BRW!)

  1. jbewes says:

    (1) flattery will get you everywhere Ms Evans. Keep it up.
    (2) “had to sound ‘intelligent’”: yep, that was a serious challenge, but I think you pulled it off this time.
    (3) must remember to take heed of my own advice. Refer point 1.

    Srsly though – I’m proud of ya girl. 🙂

  2. stephanlange says:

    we are happy to have you!

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