The camera of the future concepted to you by Canon

I am a keen photographer and over the years I have bought multiple lenses that I always carry around with me on big trips to make sure that I have the right lens for the job.


Now Canon came up with a new concept – the Wonder camera

Canon is pretty confident that by then it’ll have figured out how to do a single lens capable of going from macro shots all the way out to a 5000mm focal length. This non-interchangeable lens is backed by an all-touch interface, an extremely high-resolution sensor, and image stabilization so advanced as to make shooting at high zoom range a viable option.


The only thing i don’t agree with is the video-only capture. Canon argues you won’t need to shoot stills when its video is capable of keeping everything in focus all the time — you’ll just pick out your favorite scene from the movie reel.

no matter what – I want one!

Here is Canons revelation

found here


3 Responses to The camera of the future concepted to you by Canon

  1. Paul says:

    What? No still shots? What about exposure settings/etc? I guess you could just shoot the entire thing with the relevant settings, but… what about HDRI shots?

    • Stephan Lange says:

      Canon claims the camera will keep everything in focus all the time with a super high resolution CCD – no more need of HDRI shots and you can just take stills from the HD video. (Canons words, not mine)

  2. intruiging article.. I like your point of view on this subject. Although there are a couple points I disagree on though. But I believe that resolves a few issues for me personally. Anyone else agree?

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