Sometimes it’s the human things that matter in social

A nice little story for a Friday. When it comes to effective community management in social, sometimes it’s the human things that matter and get results.

Case in point, P&O Cruises

The P&O Australia Facebook page has an established community of over 13,000 fans, who are there 24/7 helping out absolutely anyone who has a question about upcoming cruises, locations, services – really anything and everything to do with the brand.

In the process, they’ve developed a very strong and active community.

So when one of the high-profile community members fell ill and went into hospital, the community swung into action – and so did P&O.

It’s the human touch

P&O sent this dedicated fan a get-well card and flowers. Small thing to do, right? But importantly it is what you would do for any friend or family member if they fell ill. So why wouldn’t you let one of your biggest social brand advocates know you are thinking of them?

Check out the response on their Facebook page which gleaned 28 comments and discussions:

Brands can and should be human particularly in social media. Because it’s humans who speak and interact and small things like sending some flowers to a valued fan can make a big difference. So, how can you make your brand ‘human’?

Disclaimer: P&O Cruises are an Amnesia Razorfish client.

~ Karalee Evans, Social Strategy Manager, Amnesia Razorfish

3 Responses to Sometimes it’s the human things that matter in social

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  3. tbuesing says:

    Thanks for sharing the story, you have quite an active bunch of (interconnected) fans there.

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