Tony Vs Julia Vs The Double Rainbow effect

The one thing that is clear to me in this election is that both Julia and Tony have missed out on the “Double Rainbow”. Google data confirms what most of us could have guessed, the “Double Rainbow” leads them both in consumer search volume by a mile.


Firstly in case you had your internet cut off and have no idea what the Double Rainbow is, here’s the original and below the ‘KnowYourMeme” recap posted July9:

Now I realise that on the surface Hungrybear9562’s video has very little to do with policies, politics, politicians and elections but the fact is that Double Rainbow’s organic success contains classic social ingredients that could have been utilised as part of a social strategy by either candidate. Firstly the Double Rainbow is a fantastic Social Object: It transcends the medium it is shot in and as such is able to enter conversations with ease; it is highly portable ; it is capable of shifting it’s form ; it is loved not just by individuals but also mainstream media; it is discoverable ; and behind the insanity of it all it oozes positivity and we cannot help fall in love with its authenticity.

Ultimately the Double Rainbow is digital content worth sharing.
At the moment we are still waiting for something digital worth sharing from either candidate…


This does not means that Julia should sing herself a Double Rainbow MashUp, or that Tony should recruit HungryBear9562 to campaign to lobby on his behalf. No, they don’t need a viral campaign. However what they could do is think more clearly about how their social content can organically enter conversations. Failed attempts to push content such as offer little if nothing for a consumer to see, love and share. As yet, neither have attempted to enter any conversation in Twitter using simple objects such as ‘asking a question’ and following up with @replies. It’s a tough job to spot what they like, what inspires them and what’s beyond the policy and the message. There’s no Double Rainbow, there’s not even a dash of colour.

But I live in hope that things can change quickly so just for fun I will make a prediction: The first person out of @JuliaGillard and @TonyAbbottMHR to ‘tweet an opinion on the Double Rainbow YouTube clip’ will win the election. ***If you can’t be the object then share one***. Now I wonder…

~ @eunmac

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