MetaMirror & The Future of TV


MetaMirror is a concept, a culmination of our involvement in the Digital Home space, designed in response to new television watching behaviors.

Meta-Mirror is a concept application that delivers an enhanced television experience without disrupting the conventional expectations of home entertainment. It allows viewers to access content relevant to the program currently being viewed.

Metamirror & The Future of TV Article



5 Responses to MetaMirror & The Future of TV

  1. Am loving the simple observations that sit behind the concept design:-

    TV is a communal experience.
    Web is a personal experience.
    TV screens are getting crowded.
    Television drives internet behavior.
    TV is being supplemented.

    I can see my family all sat there with {dare I admit it} iPads*, interacting with our own personalised version of the TV programme. In fact, I can easily see us all answering game-show questions on our iPads, to compete with each other and the TV contestants …and even other friends/family/networks via Facebook / Skype and the like [‘scuse the pun].

    Ooo, I like.


    *those who know me know I’ve been a little {ahem} resistant to adopt iPad. Though even in the above example I’m going to assume it’s evolved somewhat from v1.0 };0)

  2. mmo says:

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