What I learned from #media140 – ozpolitics

This is what I learned after attending the fantastic #media140 Conference yesterday.

Comparing the presentations and discussions of Australian social media experts, journalists and MPs, to those of US Ambassador Jeffrey Bleich on Obama’s and his innovation in social media and community building, and Dr Claire Wardle’s case study on the UK election where content was key, it’s pretty stark: Australian media and politicians have a long way to catch up, don’t you think?

~ Karalee Evans, Social Strategy Manager

3 Responses to What I learned from #media140 – ozpolitics

  1. Matthew Gain says:

    Having a look at the UK election (albeit fairly briefly and from afar) I don’t think UK polies are miles ahead of Australian politicians.

    I am also not sure it is completely fair to compare the six week Australian election campaign with the 12 month plus juggernaut of the US Obama presidential campaign. Though to be fair it isn’t clear that is what you are saying. Perhaps it is just a point I want to make.

    Irrespective, as we have discussed at length there is a massive opportunity missed when it comes to politics and social media in Aus. I am just not sure it is as stark in comparison to other countries as your very scientific graphs points out. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Typeboard says:

    […] What I learned from #media140 โ€“ ozpolitics – Karalee Evans, Social Strategy Manager – Amnesiablog […]

  3. maycatdecal says:

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