PETA helps promote Super Meat Boy?

Team Meat, the team behind the brutally unforgiving platform game Super Meat Boy got some unexpected free publicity this week when they became the latest target of animal rights group PETA.

PETA, apparantly objecting to Super Meat Boy’s meat-themes launched it’s own ironically-bland parody game called Super Tofu Boy. Made in Flash, the game attempts to duplicate the gameplay of Super Meat Boy, but instead it’s the Meaty guy that’s the bad guy this time as he exacts bloody, vengeance because his girlfriend has decided that she prefers tofu. Or something.

More after the wall-jump.This isn’t the first time that video games have been targeted by PETA. Cooking Mama got a serve with the not-subtly titled Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals.  For some reason Super Mario Brothers was used to protest a murderous Ronald McDonald.

Two-headed development beast Team Meat, consisting of equal parts Edmund McMillan and Tommy Refenes, were overjoyed at the attention. Quoth Edmund:

Peta is 1000 times more well known then Super Meat Boy and the fact that they went out of their way to make a parody like this is beyond flattering and amazingly helpful.

First off I want to thank Peta for helping us turn Super Meat Boy into a house hold name and of course for making themselves look quite foolish in the process… see (as mentioned in countless interviews) Meat Boy isn’t made of animal meat, he’s simply a boy without skin whos name is Meat Boy.. but sshh don’t tell them that.

They weren’t done with the PETA-love there. Team Meat then tweeted:

It’s was on right there. For the rest of the day, official tweets were divided between customer support and answering the angry tweets of Peta supporters. Things got pretty heated and loads of supporters watched from the sidelines. Many even claiming that the twitter interchanges are what made them buy the game. TM even claimed that PETA spent more on Tofu boy than the original SMB cost to produce.

Super Meat Boy, released on Xbox LIVE last month, was released for PC on Steam this week. Due to a number of bugs – hey, it’s two people making this thing – the team has been working around the clock getting fixes out, but that didn’t stop them from taking the time to add Super Tofu Boy as a playable character in the latest update, though it seems he’s a little lacking in energy.

Super Meat Boy Nano-review

By the way, Super Meat Boy, if you haven’t checked it out, is an amazing game. It’s fast, fun and most of all, really, really difficult. I love every minute of its frustrating, hand-cramping awesomeness. The PC version can be picked up on Steam and Xbox LIVE Arcade.. (I can’t seem to get to the Xbox site right now) The soundtrack is magic, too.

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One Response to PETA helps promote Super Meat Boy?

  1. cialis says:

    Super Meat Boy is what dreams look like after a night of drinking and Taco Bell, if those same dreams were dipped in rainbows, and glitter covered nails.
    Great game, great nostalgia
    Some characters are unlocked by collecting bandages (which are usually hidden in dangerous or hard-to-get-to places on certain levels), and some require you to find and complete a warp zone that features that character.

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