Finally, we can all see what our life would look like if it were a museum exhibit.

Yesterday, while sorting through my social interwebs – I came across a new Facebook app by Intel called “Museum of Me”. It promises to create a ‘visual archive of your social life’ by connecting with your profile and pulling out odds and ends, likes, photos and videos, even your most used status words.

The app has copped a bit of flak from the online tech blogs overnight; but narcissism and bad memories aside, I’m impressed.

Once the app has trawled your Facebook account, you are then taken through a 3 minute virtual tour of your social life in the form of a museum exhibit.

It’s pretty cute. And clever. And remarkably similar to Social Memories (but without the blatant profiteering).

(Happy now, Stephan?)





One Response to Finally, we can all see what our life would look like if it were a museum exhibit.

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