The mouse 2.0

The mouse (first one ever displayed below) has been around since the first PCs hit the market and it hasn’t really changed much.


Now 2 German students sat down and started to think about how to improve the mouse and they came up with this prototype.


The roll of your mouse slows down, giving files the feeling weight based on the size of their contents. Depending on how much a given file has been used the mouse starts to breathe.

Check out the video. An interesting thing I thought is that they brought back the mouse ball – remember those – always clogging up with dust?!?

DataBot Mouse from Jan Barth on Vimeo.


They also dreamed up a hard drive concept which expands and contracts based on the amount of space being used up.

DataBot Harddrive from Roman Grasy on Vimeo.


Pretty cool concepts, I am just not sure how useful they would be.

Let me know what you think.


One Response to The mouse 2.0

  1. Ben Reierson says:

    There have been several force-feedback mice over the years. Not sure why they didn’t just use one of those.

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