Google Continues To Go Under The Knife

I am sure many of you might have already seen this today, but Google has launched a new looking home page, it is not another Google test. The new look home page which now includes a fancy grey stripe at the top, a smaller logo and the links moved to the bottom of the browser was introduced to streamline the experience across multiple devices such as the tablet and the mobile. It continues to focus on three core design principles: Focus, Elasticity and effortlessness.

They are continuing to make changes over the coming months with a noticeable change to the search engine results page (SERP). See below. Display URLs will be moved up under the headline, whilst it seems they are changing the colour on the left navigational menu (grey and red) and introducing a slight grey box across the search bar. I also noticed that the tiny blue line on the top navigational bar has changed to a tiny red line, could this mean Google is moving towards a dominate red and grey themed page, instead of the blue?

I personally like the new look, however, not everyone will be a fan.

Updated Google Home Page

Google SERP

2 Responses to Google Continues To Go Under The Knife

  1. Paul Cotton says:

    The design change is part of the wider integration of Plus.

    Which is basically Google’s next step into an integrated socialisation of their services. Check it out guys 🙂

  2. Brian King says:

    Matt said, this year will have 500 change in Google , wow !

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