The Web won’t make you more creative, but it can certainly help!

It’s an odd fact of the marketing industry, that as you climb up through the ranks as a creative in agencies, you do less and less actual creative work. In fact your reward for progressing by demonstrating you creative prowess is,  the company makes you ultimately responsible for a whole load of activities that 1: you’ve never done before, and 2:That couldn’t be further removed from a creatives’ skill set than feasibly imaginable. Usually taking the form of a whole load admin, and often people management. That figures 😦 They can draw! (well scribble) Of course they can write a years performance plan for the rest of the creatives’ in the company.

Truth be told the first three to four years out of my first decade of being a CD / ACD I wasn’t completely comfortable with all that was asked of me. I actually still know CD that many years on are still uncomfortable with the daily deliverables that are being asked.

We are seeing a massive rise in online tools that are offering great assistance with the more mundane side of our jobs. This offers myself a great deal of hope. That creative technologies will democratize our jobs. Leveling the playing field a bit (for those of us who are adminly challenged) and allowing CDs get back to the actual job at hand. Being creative.

Below are a couple of tools I’ve recently stumbles across that are starting to make my job a lot easier:

MoodShare allows you to make and share multi-user collaborative mood boards. Find media and create boards faster than ever before, and then connect with the wider team to build consensus in real-time.

T-Minus is a calendar to keep track of awards deadlines so you’ll never forget to run or submit your work. This short film tells you everything you need to know.

And of course may favorite PowerPoint substitute


So I’m looking to compile a list of  “The Top Ten Tools For Creative Managers” Please let me know the ones that work for you?

4 Responses to The Web won’t make you more creative, but it can certainly help!

  1. tbuesing says:

    this is not very creative-specific but essential for a CD as well: a task list manager such as Things or Action Method. helps you keep track of who you have to chase for what – and reminds you to do so.

  2. What about a tool that does conference calls for you?

    Maybe you could program it to recognise gaps in the conversation and fill them with pointless phrases like ‘I can’t stress how important this is’ and ‘yeah, it’d be great if we could all align on that’.

    I estimate it’d give you about four extra hours a day to do useful stuff.

  3. tbuesing says:

    Awesome idea, Ben. Suggestions for a name? Con Call?

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