Australia Post Launches New National Campaign

Australia Post has just released a national campaign to promote parcel delivery services to small and medium online businesses in Australia.

The campaign uses a metaphor to represent the different products and services that small businesses may provide. The metaphor, called “ZING”, is a red furry ball that comes in any size.

The campaign will launch with television, online film, press, outdoor, digital and DM. Amnesia Razorfish has done the digital work of the campaign. The ZING website was built in HTML5.

4 Responses to Australia Post Launches New National Campaign

  1. Looks like the agency certainly made some coin. However the overall concept of e-retail and evening deliveries needs to be takled by someone in the industry who has the funds and the infrastucture- at least they are giving it a go and facing up to the fact that ecommerce is raging. Similar concepts undertaken by the usa ( not that they worked just reinvent the wheel ) could be looked upon – infact do you recall kincos – the fedex mob that went under a few years back a one stop copy shop with a built in collections / drop off unit. eretail has to nail the final delivery and pickup process. Is the answer a combo of smartlockers and PM deliveries. There are a few national carriers now gearing up for satchel /airbag PM deliveries. Will be interesting to see if it works from a process point of view & a culture view lets face it even the bricks and mortar shops mostly close at 5 working past 5.30 is hard to do mentally. I think a disounted PM delivery rate might be the trick as with eretail going gang busters the volume is there now to make it happen.

    Overall I think the add looks great – personally I love a good production line of red fuzzy balls. Sam

  2. “Zing your Thing” is an old slang term for using hot peppers in a sex act. If you have any doubt that the AU postal service knew this when they picked the slogan, just look at what they used to represent a “zing.” A large, red, swollen, hairy ball.

    If the US postal service tried a stunt like this there’s a couple dozen religious groups that would be organizing boycotts. Clearly things are more liberal in Australia.

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