Free your mouse (or your desk)

having worked in IT before and now working on lots of cool emerging technologies and experiences, I always seem to have multiple PCs on my desk that I am simultaneously working on.


At some stage I had 4 keyboards and 4 mice on my desk and no more space for my lunch. So I am constantly looking for solutions for that and I have played around with software and hardware KVMs. Most of them are buggy and the hardware ones just add too many cables to my desk.

Today I came across a little tool build by a developer in the Microsoft Garage project called Mouse without borders.


Simply put it is a software kvm that can connect 4 of your PCs that are on the same network and you can use your 1 keyboard and mouse for all of them.

A simple installer and setup process and you are up and running. It works quite seamlessly and you can easily configure the location of your physical machine – just drive your mouse out of the screen towards the next and it will appear there.

Other feature are copy and paste, drag files across


you can download it here and try it for yourself.

let me know your thoughts in the comments.


4 Responses to Free your mouse (or your desk)

  1. Synergy ( has been out for a long time as a cross-platform solution. Definitely provides an amazing experience even on non-MS platforms.

    • stephanlange says:

      Thanks Mitch, I haven’t come across that one. I might try it at home as I only have Win7 machines to work with at work.
      Does it support drag and drop of files and copy and paste between machines?

  2. wallpaper says:


    […]Free your mouse (or your desk) « Amnesia Blog[…]…

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