Never forget your keys ever again

Amnesia is always happy to support local talent and we are proud to show you a concept from one of our Interns, David Montero

David has been helping us with one of our Kinect internal projects while he was working hard on his own university project called dOh


Ever had a doh! moment?, that moment when the door slams behind you and you slap your forehead realising you left the house without taking the keys with you?

dOh will help you remember your keys, wallet, phone or anything else you could possibly forget.

All you have to do is “tag” your items and when you try to leave your apartment your doorknob will tell you, by flashing a coloured light at you, that you forgot a tagged item.


A really nice idea and I am sure it will help people in the future not to forget their things anymore. It could potentially even tell you that you lost your phone when you come back to your home Smile


26 Responses to Never forget your keys ever again

  1. Mal Jago says:

    cracka idea, could I ask for one feature? My kids always steal my keys and of course when you’re in a hurry screaming at them,never yields where they have hid them. Like the whistle and your keys beep device that was a fad 10 years ago? So can you help me find my keys?

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