Track your retail shoppers with Kinect

We have seen a lot of different uses for Kinect and more and more useful things have slowly come around (e.g. this mobile armchair Smile)

Now there is another way of using Kinect – this time to track your customers in a retail environment. It’s called Shopper Tracker.


The sensor sits on top of the shelf and tracks the shopping behavior of the customers underneath. It then creates a heat map of the shelf so you can tell what your best selling items are. As far as I can tell it is not commercially available yet and no price has been announced, but that might change soon.

Check out their video below.



One Response to Track your retail shoppers with Kinect

  1. […] a consumer in a totally different way as they use their whole body to interact with a website. Kinect is already being used to see what shoppers are looking at or picking up in stores before they make a final product choice. I can’t wait to see what type of research, testing […]

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