Learning the Lingo

Let’s face it: Advertisers love using lingo. And if that lingo happens to come in the form of an acronym – or is it an initialism? – then you’re really onto a winner. Now I’d like to think my degree taught me some useful things, however nothing prepared me for the assault of foreign letter combinations I was to be exposed to in my first week at Amnesia. CPA, SEO, SEM, CPM, CTR, UV, CR, CS – the list goes on. Most of these now sit within my brains glossary, defined and understood, but I know there will be many more additions in the coming months.

In fact a page on Pinterest circulated the office this week revealing rhyming pop-culture slang for agency jargon. Ronan Keating = Meeting; Dick Van Dyke = Cost Per Like; Kobe Bryant = Client etc. Way to throw me a curve ball guys! (See it here).

It’s exciting working in an industry that is developing at such a rate that it (seemingly) can invent its own language. But there is more to learn beyond the lingo.

I am of course a member of Gen Y, the generation of digital consumption and creation. We live, breathe, connect and even date (amongst other things) online, most of us without even realizing. Despite this, a majority of people I know stick to the safety net of their preferred social media – Facebook, with the odd dabble into YouTube. In time this will no doubt change, partly out of necessity, partly due to the younger generation kicking their ass at (digital) life.


Social Media Explained

For those working outside the world of digital media, stuck in an online social safety zone, I refer you to the picture above. Social media explained through America’s greatest pastry legacy: the donut. Fitting, considering the amount of candy and cake I consumed in my first week at Amnesia.

For now you will have to excuse me though. I have a lot more Charles Durning to do outside of this Snoop Dogg if I ever want to be a Darryl Hanner…if you know what I mean.



One Response to Learning the Lingo

  1. Lottie Norman says:

    Awesome and I haven’t even exposed you to the Essex vocab which happens down here at my desk. Come by if you want to learn the meaning of REEM!

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