Snake the Planet with urban gaming

Our sister company Publicis Mojo, together with Finch and Mobile Projection Unit (MPU) Sydney have developed and documented a look at mobile gaming – “Snake the Planet”


When ‘Snake the Planet!” is projected onto buildings, each level is generated individually and based on the selected facade. Above you can see that the person is part of the level – pretty cool.

Check out a video of it in action

I can’t wait for some more games to be developed. How about some Donkey Kong?

After the break you can find some more information, videos and photos.


Publicis Mojo, MPU and Finch start urban gaming with ‘Snake the Planet!”

Publicis Mojo, Finch and Mobile Projection Unit (MPU) Sydney have developed and documented a world-first in terms of mobile gaming:
Called “Snake the Planet!”, the classic mobile game Snake has been adapted for the urban canvas and can now be played via projection on any building or facade.

The three companies have worked together to deliver a brand new contextual gaming experience.
When ‘Snake the Planet!” is projected onto buildings, each level is generated individually  based on the facade on which it’s being played.
Every window, door frame or sign becomes a boundary and obstacle in the game. With ‘Snake the Planet’, any facade turns into a screen for urban gaming.

“The project is a great example of collaboration and creativity at the intersection of media, entertainment and technology”, said Craig Davis, Mojo’s Chief Creative Officer.
Rene Christen, one of MPU’s members added, “We really like that Guerrilla element of just cruising around the city and throwing a game of Snake up on any building we like, it makes it immediately accessible for everyone.”

Publicis Mojo and Finch have teamed up with MPU to launch the project and have documented it with Finch’s Alexander Roberts as director. 
Together they will develop the project further towards an iPad application and eventually release the code as open source.

Documentation videos
‘Snake the Planet!’:
Interview with MPU:
Still photos:

Download of the videos

Concept and programming:
Film Production:
Publicis Mojo –
Finch –
Alexander Roberts
Creative Producers:
Tim Buesing (Publicis Mojo), Emad Tahtouh (Finch)
Tobio ! – Clock Wonk –

Who is MPU?
MPU (Mobile Projection Unit) is a Sydney-based collective that is bringing interactive mobile projections into the urban landscape. Using technologies such as OpenFrameworks, MPU’s aim is to generate and drive interactive experiences from existing architecture.


Publicis Mojo
Joanne Johnston

Rob Galluzzo

MPU – Mobile Projection Unit

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