A Good Week

This blog may make no sense, so I apologize in advance. Why? Because you’re a busy bunch and I’m a considerate guy.

Oh, you mean why won’t it make sense? Well, because I have had the most inspiring week on record at Amnesia and my head is swirling – with inspiration, possibilities and just general motivation. If there was ever a time for you to abuse my grad status, now would be it (but you didn’t hear that from me).

The week kicked off with a visit from our Global Head of Strategy, Joe Crump, and a talk on Digital Darwinism. He told us a brand’s ‘DNA’ can be made up of seven different measures, to be thought of as dials you can turn to increase or decrease. Authentic, Adaptive, Relevant, Transformative, Fresh, Immersive, Social – how does your brand stack up in these categories?

Joe also left us with his own bag of tricks and suggestions to keep inspiring us into the digital future:

  • Find an unmet need – the gap in the market is where you want to be
  • Invent something
  • Go Beta – we should constantly be testing new work
  • Pay attention
  • Evolve forever

With all this still sitting fresh in my mind it was off to Circus for two days of immersion amongst some genuinely great thinkers. And speakers of course – it wouldn’t be much of a festival if they just internalized everything.

I’d need a few pages to give a complete rundown of the topics covered, but some statements that struck me as interesting are below.

MDC’s Faris Yakob:

  • –  “The CMO will spend more money on technology than the CIO”
  • –  “Consumers can make content, but they can’t make technology. Let’s make technology…code can be a creative area, not simply a production”

R/GA’s Nick Law:

  • “Media is software, and we are in the media business. It’s time Madison Avenue met Silicon Valley”

The theme of marrying creative and technology was touched on several times throughout Circus. It is nice to know I’m sitting in the middle of an organization that woke up to that need long ago.

When I heard some of my fellow graduates were not allowed by their respective employers to attend Circus – to be exposed to such a broad array of thoughts and ideas – I couldn’t believe it. I found this week to be incredibly beneficial for me and hopefully, in some small way, I can one day make it beneficial for Amnesia too.

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