First Timer

Last week provided a couple of firsts – both different but equally as exciting from the perspective of a Junior.

I am currently completing my rotation within the Creative Team, which has seen my copy skills exercised within an agency for the first time. Back in Brisbane I was fortunate to have a few scripts shot and aired during my stint in children’s television. It was exciting at the time, but I like to think I’m playing with the big boys now. And so, having my first bit of copy approved by a Razorfish client was a great feeling. Worth celebrating even…

As if on cue, last Friday I was invited to join the Media team at a media-partner’s yearly social event. I hastily accepted – bottomless jugs of Pimm’s and the chance to see Igor and Dave take to the court was an offer to good to refuse.

As someone who is still narrowing down my first-choice department, it was nice to see the perks that partner all those media numbers!


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